Xavier Gironès (Giro) is the catalan magician with more international projection.

He has won several prizes and gained recognition (Congresses of magic, Aplaudiment Sebastià Gasch…). He has performed to the Royal Family of Monaco, and he was granted the diploma of the “Grands Prix Magiques” by Princess Stéphanie.

He has given talks and lectures to magicians.

In his performances he combines all the different conjuring techniques, but most outstanding are his own creations using the purest of manipulations and the “Great illusions”

Giro began doing magic at the age of ten using the classic box of magic he had asked for Christmas. At the age of seventeen he won first prize in the national competition of magic (Spain) (Primer Premio Nacional de Magia) with a complicated act in manipulation which had been created following the advice of his master, Alfred Camps (expert in magic and Chairman of the Magic Circle CEDAM). This event marked a turning point in Giro’s professional life, and he decided to make magic his living.

In 1985 together with Li-Chang, he took part in the show “A genius without name” directed by Capsa Màgica Teatre, which was first performed as part of the theatrical programme of ”El Grec”.

The incorporation of Llum Canals made it possible to stage “Great illusions”.

With the help of Carmen Bajot (Exclusive representative of the Moulin Rouge of Paris), Xavier Giro started to be part of the international circuit, working seasons in various prestigious Music halls of Paris, Zurich, Damascus, Madrid, Barcelona, Monte-Carlo, Canary, Geneva, Casablanca, Estoril, Milan ...

Giro took part in television programmes in several European countries.

As a result of contract on the “Theatre in the Sea” cruise, for which Giro was asked to make an hour long performance for the “French Association of Actors”, Giro’s artistic career took another turn and he centred his attention on long shows, combining magic and humour.

The last few years he has been travelling around Spain with his show , which he has also adapted for company conventions; Henkel, Bayer, IBM, Campsa, Durex, Repsol, Nissan, Apple, Sony……

The year 2009 opens the show "Magianism" and in January 2010 serving in the Palau de la Musica Catalana.

In March 2010 he was awarded by the "International Magicians Society" with "Merlin's gold award" (considered the Oscar of Magic in the world).

Currently some important distinctions with fellow magicians as "The Golden Lion of Las Vegas or" The best magician of the year in the U.S., "Xavier Giro have asked some of his creations.